Friday, 28 July 2017

Bauernbrot (Farmers Bread) Sourdough Emmer, Wholewheat Bread in Thermomix

I looked at my sourdough starter and knew it was time for a loaf of bread.  I had to go to work and only had a few minutes to spare. I downloaded this recipe onto my chip from the German Thermomix website.  I had it ready in a couple of minutes and could zoom to work.  I even ground 200g of Emmer wheat whole kernel into flour. I left the dough in the bowl and finished it after I came home.  We then had a German style dinner of open face sandwich's on freshly baked sourdough. Yummy! I was recently in the Okanagan in Armstrong and went to the Fieldstone Grainery.  They plant all their own seeds which are organic, and non Gmo. You can also purchase these at some health food stores.

200g Emmer wheat grains
200g flour all purpose
200g whole wheat flour
11/2 tsp salt
1-2 tsp bread seasoning (I used my christmas spice mix in this blog)Use caraway seed or fennel etc.
100g sourdough starter ( I got that from my sister who gave some to my mother in law)
20 yeast
380g water
Place 200g Emmer and mill speed 10/7 seconds
Add 200g regular flour (unbleached if possible)
Add 200g whole wheat flour, salt, seasoning, sourdough starter, yeast and water.
Place lid and measuring cup 3 minute/BREAD kneading function.
Let dough rest in bowl. (this is where I went to work) at least 30 minutes.
KNEAD again/1 minute
Turn onto floured paper lined baking tray. Shape into your desired shape.
You can brush with an egg wash and sprinkle seeds of your choice.
Let rest 30 minutes
Bake at 220C for 20 minutes and turn down to 190C for 45 minutes.
Remove and when the bread sounds hollow when tapped on bottom it's ready.

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