Friday, 14 April 2017

Hazelnut Lime Cheesecake Thermomix

This recipe is from the Fabulous Flavour on Every Level Cookbook. All the recipes in this cookbook use the Varoma.  I have been experimenting with it and this turned out really well.  It uses pistachios originally and is on page 228.  I have altered the recipe to suit the ingredients that I had on hand. It is gluten free too.

55 g Hazelnuts. (I roasted mine for 3 minutes/Varoma/stir first)
butter for greasing ramekins
organic lime zest from 1 lime
80g sugar
30g cornstarch
300 g ricotta
250g cream cheese
4 eggs
500g water
fruit for garnish

Chop nuts 4 sec/speed7
Butter ramekins and sprinkle with nuts. Save reserved nuts for garnish
Place sugar, lime zest, cornstarch, 15 sec.speed9 Scrape down
Add cream cheese, ricotta and eggs 10 sec/speed 4.5
Pour mixture into ramekins not to top (it expands)
Cover with plastic wrap and steam in Varoma 25/Varoma/speed 2
Garnish with mint leaf and reserved nuts, Adding chopped fresh fruit.
Enjoy!!! Yummy!!!!

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