Monday, 19 December 2016

Balsamico Reduction in Thermomix

This is an easy do it yourself Christmas gift.  This recipe doesn't make a lot so you may have to do a couple of batches but it tastes really great.  Balsamic reduction is something that can be very expensive if purchased.  There are also many ways to add flavour and possibly stretch it out. This recipe makes about 125g of Balsamic reduction so by adding some melted chocolate you can stretch it out. (Balsamic Chocolate reduction) You can also choose to shorten the cooking time slightly so it will not be as thick.  This is for people who like to customize to their own tastes.  You can also add orange extract etc. (Balsamic Orange reduction) There are many possibilities to personalize your own sauce.


250g Balsamic vinegar
30g Honey (I used Manuka) I could call it Balsamic reduction with Manuka honey.
2 garlic cloves (I could call it Balsamic reduction with Garlic and Manuka Honey)
sprig rosemary
1 T Port wine ( I could call it Balsamic reduction with Garlic, Manuka, Rosemary and Port)
Orange zest (etc.....)
Place everything in bowl 18 minutes/VAROMA/speed 1 (simmering basket instead of measuring cup)
Let cool slightly.
Pour into squeeze bottle and keep in fridge.

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