Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Plum Jam in Thermomix

I got these plums from my sister who lives in Okanagan Centre and they ripen very quickly.  They taste great and I thought I would make a plum jam to go with dim sum when I make that. (or any dipping thing) I added chilli's to the other batch so I have a spicy plum jam too. It turned out really great.

800g plums pits removed
1/2 pkg liquid pectin
500g sugar

Add ingredients and blend 10 sec/ speed 7. Scrape down
Cook 30 minutes/VAROMA/speed 2 with simmering basket on top instead of measuring cup.
Pour into sterilized jars.

To make a spicy sauce add 10 thai chilli's,  1/4 onion and 4 garlic cloves.

My kitchen smelled great! YUM!

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