Monday, 16 May 2016

Prosciutto Buttermilk Pancakes Thermomix

My husband was bugging me to make pancakes with bacon.  As I didn't have any bacon. I did have prosciutto ends that I always purchase to add flavour to things but not cost much. I use them for sautéing onions or adding flavour to soups, gravies etc. This time I decided to add them into the buttermilk pancakes instead, kind of how other people add chocolate chips for a sweet pancake. You don't need a lot and I'm hoping that will solve the salty, bacon craving. Enjoy!

50g butter
2 eggs
260g buttermilk
30g sugar
1 tsp salt
20g baking powder
200g flour
50g proscuitto cut into cubes
Melt butter 2mins/70C/speed1
Add all ingredients except prosciutto
Scrape down and add proscuitto
Turbo 2 sec until mixed
Fry in non stick pan with a little butter.
Serve and Enjoy!!!!!

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