Saturday, 16 April 2016

Tinga De Pollo (Shredded Chicken breast in Tomato Sauce Thermomix

This recipe is part of the demonstration that the Thermomix consultants demonstrate in Mexico.  I wanted to try it as I am still on my Mexican kick at the moment. The only problem was that I only had 600g of chicken breast instead of 1000g so my Tinga De Pollo was a bit runny.  I didn't seem to mind.  It is on page 138 of The Basic Cookbook. (English)  TM5.  To shred chicken by hand takes at least 20 minutes  while the Thermomix does it in 5 seconds. WOW that's a lot of time saved doing other things......


200g panela cheese (Mexican fresh cheese) or Feta cheese
300 g onions, cut into halves
500g tomatoes cut into halves
30 g oil
2 tsp soup stock paste (Homemade) pg 62 Basic Cookbook
1000g chicken breast left whole (You may need to add a few seconds at the end) 
30g piloncillo or brown sugar ( I used palm sugar)
20-30g chipotle chillies ( I used dried ones)
2 dried bay leaves
tortillas, taco shells etc. of your choice
I served mine with guacamole Pg.272 Basic Cookbook

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