Wednesday, 2 March 2016

X O Sauce Thermomix

I have been wanting to make my own XO sauce for some time and have finally gotten around to it. I missed the start of getting this posted in time for Year of the Monkey celebrations but that's life. It is still an excellent and easy gift to make and give away or just use it yourself. You can use it to start sauces for going on vegetables (green beans, eggplant) or use it on chicken, fish and in stirfrys.  It has become very trendy in the high end places to use on almost anything.  It originated in Hong Kong and is on every table in most restaurants.  It is called XO (Cognac) which refers to a classy, high end almost prestigious sauce. Most sauces don't have real cognac in them because it would make them too expensive, however I love cooking with Cognac. I used prosciutto instead of the Chinese ham and I couldn't find any dried scallops. Apparently they can cost up to 100 dollars a pound. I think it really tastes fantastic and I've started putting it on almost everything.

1 onion (use any colour)
100g peeled garlic
50g oil
150g prosciutto
370g Chinese sausage (I used pork)
35g red Thai chillies
50g soy sauce
110g dried shrimp
150g oil or more for topping up glass
30g Cognac(optional)

Add onion and garlic, TURBO 2 seconds and scrape down.
Add 50g oil and saute speed 1/100C/3 minutes
Add prosecution, sausage (chopped)  and chillies chop speed 9/30 seconds
Add soy sauce, shrimp and 50-100g oil Saute speed1/100C/ 1 hour removing measuring cup after 30 minutes
Add 30g Cognac in last 10 minutes (optional)
Store in jars and top with oil to cover. Keep in refrigerator for up to 1 month.

I used up the last of my fresh garlic.

Scrape down paste.



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