Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Chickenliver Pate with Cognac in Thermomix

Pate is a very easy appetizer to make yourself and quite quick.  Especially if you need to be careful about sodium and additives.  I have always been nervous as to what goes into store bought pates? You can hide anything in there as long as you grind it up enough.What a thought? The only thing is the colour of the pate isn't as vibrant as store bought.  In this case there is butter sealing in the top so you can't see it.  I am also going to use this to make the Vietnamese bun called Bahn Mi.  I know they use a pate but I don't know what type of meat is in it.  I have always been afraid to ask.

170g onion
450g chicken livers cleaned
10g garlic
5g salt
5g pepper
5g nutmeg
40g butter
40g whipping cream
30g cognac
5g pink peppercorns
100g pistachios

butter for melting on top of ramekins

1. Place onion and garlic and turbo 2 sec.
Scrape down.
Saute 3mins/100C/speed 1
Add cleaned chicken livers(remove any sinew), butter, salt,pepper and nutmeg
7mins/100C speed2
Puree 10 seconds or until desired consistency.
Scrape down.
Add cream , cognac, peppercorns and pistachios
20 seconds/REVERSE/speed3-4
I also added a few grains of Black Hawaiian Sea salt.

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