Monday, 28 December 2015

That Dutchman Cheese Farm, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

I am a total cheeseaholic! My poor daughter is lactose intolerant and I secretly wish I was too. I love cheese beyond anything and love shopping for it.  I make my own and I find it such a versatile ingredient to cook with. Anytime I see a cheese shop, farm etc. I stop and look.  You can always learn new things.  Unfortunately it is quite pricey in North America.  I will spend whatever it takes and don't really budget like I do with other ingredients.  Every second year I make my way to Europe and one of the first things that I do is run into a grocery store.  Almost any grocery store has a fantastic selection and variety of cheese.  I also love to have it with red wine however that is a different blog post. It was surprise to come across a Dutch Cheese shop in Nova Scotia.  It was very nicely done and had some tourist attractions to go with it, however the attractions at this time of year they were closed. No problem for me. We bought some cheese and took it home. Very delicious Canadian Cheese!

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  1. They are famous for their old growly and more famous for their Dragon's Breath Blue. LOVE IT. We were also there and did an extensive interview with the family - which I came home to publish from our trip, but dad became very ill and it never was written. Have photos of the entire clan. Love them! What a huge enterprise they have going there. Their cheese has won awards for years.