Monday, 12 October 2015

Sous Vide Thermomix Egg

The Thermomix is ideal for making a sous vide egg.  It is much easier to use than the actual sous vide machine as it always sits on my counter.   I added almost 2 litres of water and for 8 minutes/100C/speed 2 brought the temperature up to 60C.  Then I put 6 small eggs in the simmering basket and closed the Thermomix for 60 minutes/60C/speed 2. (actually half the time I had them at 50C because they were small eggs) Then you crack them gently and place them where you want them. In this case it was on top of chestnut/semolina flour pasta with a chestnut portobello sauce. The pasta and sauce was made in the Thermomix too!

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