Sunday, 27 September 2015

Thermomix Spicy Pepper/Garlic Spice

My mother in law and father in law were in tuscany many years ago renting a villa and the homeowner used to supply this spice.  My father in law was addicted to it as I am now too.  I have been making it for many many years and this is the first year that it was a breeze. Normally I would buy the peppers, garlic and parsley and recruit my friends to come over and chop.  I would supply rubber gloves of course but it would take a few hours to chop everything.  This year I am not adding parsley.  You can add whatever you want it just needs to be chopped finely and dried properly.  Mine has been drying on cookie trays lined with parchment in the oven for about 3 days.  Yes there is a bit of the pepper in the air. Open the windows and all is well.
I still have some from last year so I didn't make as much.

Chop about 500g hot peppers, stems removed for 4 sec/speed10

Put onto cookie sheet lined with parchment. Carefully!
Add about 500g fresh garlic.Chop 4 sec/speed 10
Place onto cookie sheet.

The garlic turned pinky because I didn't wash the bowl. No big deal.
Stir occasionally rotating the trays in the oven.
Mixture needs to be perfectly dried or it will go moldy.
Put into spice grinder and ENJOY!
Careful you may become addicted too!

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