Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Healthy Japanese Cooking, Book Review, Kale Salad in Thermomix

I have many Japanese cookbooks as it is a cuisine I really enjoy.  I also never feel guilty eating it as it is much healthier than other cuisines.  The recipes are based on the Shoku-Iku way.  It makes sure that meals include five colours, five tastes and textures and come from one of the five food groups.  Eating a variety is a healthy lifestyle choice.  I am currently teaching a diabetes program developed by the Canadian diabetes Association that also embraces those principle.  It is being mindful when eating, trying to vary the diet and not over eat. That is sometimes harder than it sounds.

A lot of the recipes in this book are gluten free and dairy free as well as vegetarian. The recipes are also quite simple.  The book contains many nice photos as well.

Eating the Shoku-Iku way apparently can help prolong life.  Eat a wide variety of foods.  Choose locally grown and seasonal foods.  Eat meals at regular times consciously focusing and enjoying them.  Try to balance all the food groups and never skip a meal as this results in rash decisions when hungry. Avoid too much salt, sugar and bad fat. This can be applied to a variety of healthy eating programs. I made the Sesame Salad Sprinkle dressing and used it on some lovely fresh Kale that I got to pick out of my friend's garden.  I didn't realize that sesame seeds go right through you unless they are ground up. (The same as flax seeds) By blending them to a powder you get all their nutrition.

Pg 19

30g sesame seeds
Blend 10 sec/ speed 10 set aside
Saute 150g Kale
30g sesame oil
100g water
saute 4 mins/100C/speed 2
Add 100g vinegar (rice, apple)
10g sugar
25g soja sauce
ground sesame seeds
Mix REVERSE 30 sec/speed 3
Sprinkle with sesame seeds and ENJOY!
Sesame seeds ground up.

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