Monday, 10 August 2015

Thermomix Badische Potato Salad (Baden is a region in Germany next to Alsace)

This is the best potato salad ever.  It is much lighter as it is made with broth as opposed to mayonnaise. Everyone in Baden Wurttemberg has their own recipe so this is the one that I used. Some people add bacon.  I didn't. Making it a day ahead is also great because it gives the potatoes time to soak up the broth.  I used my homemade veggie stock that I make in the Thermomix and keep in my fridge.  I actually use that to flavour sauces, soups etc instead of the high sodium store bought stuff.  It's much healthier and I use up all my vegetables that are going rotten.

1000ml water
1200g German potato's (I bought mine at the farmers market.)
100 g onion
small bunch parsley
small bunch chives
veggie stock 1 Tbl
30 g apple cider vinegar
30 olive oil (or other if too strong)
1 Tbl mustard German (if possible)
ground nutmeg to taste
salt and pepper to taste

Place potato's in steaming basket and steam 30 mins/Varoma/speed 1
Check half way and move potato 's around (to get the top ones to cook)
Rinse and cut potato's into bowl. (I left the skin on, it's up to you)
Onion, parsly and chives in mix bowl 3 sec/speed 8
Add 250g water and veggie stock 3min/60C/speed2
Add vinegar, mustard, oil, nutmeg, salt and pepper 20 sec/speed2
Let sit 4 hours or overnight.
Tastes great with anything barbecued.
Yummy and healthy.

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