Sunday, 9 August 2015

Book Review: Lonely Planet, Italy from the source./Carbonara in Thermomix

I love lonely planet travel guides as I have found many useful tips when travelling.  These are cookbooks with beautiful pictures and travel ideas.  "Italy is the home of slow food." This means that it is a very regional and well prepared cuisine.  It is nothing new, however at the moment it seems to be quite trendy.  It really is about common sense and eating and cooking food at it's peak. "Italy's food is simple and the best cooks are the nona's and the mothers." Ask any man and he will say his mother is the best cook!

This book gives history on the most popular Italian dishes. Such as Risotto, carbonara and Osso bucco. It is broken down into regions where recipes are made by local chefs from that area. Everyone giving you tips. "Like all good meat and wine sauces, the flavour of the ragu will be even better the next day." page 54  Another trendy thing at the moment is nose to tail or cooking offal. Offal was a form of payment to the poorest of factory workers, working in the meat packing district of the major cities. "Dark chocolate is used to thicken and bring an intense flavour to a number of veal and boar stews from Rome and the Lazio/Tuscany borders." page 156 Another tip also used by Marco Pierre White is to stop the pasta one minute before al dente, take it out of the water and continue cooking it in the sauce.

The basics are covered in the back of the book and most recipes use minimal ingredients.

Carbonara Page 152 adapted for Thermomix

Grind 15 g pepper corns Turbo/3 seconds
Set aside
Grind 75 g parmesan cheese 10 sec/ speed 7
set aside
cook 75 g pancetta, speed 1/100C/4minutes
Cook 250g spaghettini in water and remove 1 minute before al dente
Add pepper, salt to taste, cheese to 4 beaten fresh egg yolks into pancetta. Thermomix 5 seconds/speed 5
Drain pasta and add egg, cheese sauce.  Adjust seasonings to taste. Serve and Enjoy!!!!
This recipe doesn't use cream(Carbonara controversy) and I used whole wheat noodles to make it healthier!


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