Saturday, 25 July 2015

Superfoods, The flexible approach to eating more superfoods Book Review/ Matcha and Oat Truffle Recipe

This book was written by Julie Montagu aka.  The flexi foodie. The quality of this book is lovely with great glossy pictures and loads of information.  She breaks down the benefits of nuts, seeds and condiments, as well as pantry items. This can be especially useful for most people.  At the bottom of each page she has little tips. An example "Mushrooms are the only vegetarian food to contain vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise in America and Britain and we need it to absorb calcium." page 47. As well as "Lucuma is a great sweetener that is low on the glycemic scale and full of nutrients such as iron, zinc, beta-carotene and calcium." page 165.  I have never heard of Lucuma before?  We will see if it becomes popular. I decided to try the Matcha and Oat Truffle recipe in my Thermomix and it worked out very well. Very easy to do and my health nut daughter said they were good!

Matcha and Oat Truffles
100g almonds
130g oat flour (grind your own from oatmeal)
50g honey
50g coconut oil
50g macadamia nuts (I used pumpkin seeds)
10g matcha tea powder
Grind almonds 10 sec/speed 10

Ground almonds
 Grind oatmeal 6 sec/speed 10
 Combine all ingredients
Mix on REVERSE 30 sec/speed2
Roll into balls and coat with extra matcha tea powder! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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