Sunday, 19 July 2015

Make your own Cheese, book review

I have the opportunity to start reviewing cookbooks which is something I'm very passionate about.  I believe people still want to turn pages and look at glossy pictures to become inspired to cook something.  Maybe I'm old fashioned?  I also do lots of research on the internet but like having a hard copy to follow.  I have been collecting cookbooks and am running out of room to store them. I'm not sure of how to solve that problem but I just can't part with them.  My new Thermomix TM5 has a built in cookbook chip which is lovely once I've selected the recipe, however I still look through the corresponding cookbook first to figure out what I'm making. The idea of using computer chips instead of hardcover books is out there but I'm not sure how that will go over? Time will tell. I have been given these books to look at for free but haven't been paid money for writing a review.

I have been making my own ricotta, quark, mascarpone, and yogurt cheese for some time as I use a lot of that when I am cooking.  I find it very easy and very cost effective.  That is what drew me to this book "Make your Own Cheese" by Caleb Warnock.  He is the owner of and blogs at  If you want further information have a look at those. This is a relative small pamphlet with 36 pages. There are no glossy photos just basic information.

Years ago I was also making my own Kefir after getting the grains from my mother in law who lived in Germany. I didn't know they were called grains until reading Caleb's book.  I thought they were a type of mushroom because they looked like cauliflower. I just made it and used it but after a few years tired of it and haven't made any since. Now it's in all the grocery stores and health food stores etc. I would like to make more but cannot get the starter. I'm working on that at the moment.You will have them for life if you take care of them. Caleb will ship them to your home for the cost of postage which is really nice. He does a great job of explaining the Kefir process.

Caleb also gives great suggestions on using the whey that is leftover from the cheese making progress."Use it to boil pasta(delicious!)" I use it to steam veggies in my Thermomix.

On making the hard cheese he explains a natural plant called mallow root is necessary. I'm not sure how hard that is to come by as I haven't looked for it yet.  I have started a full time job and have found that very challenging at the moment.  When I have some spare time I might try doing that.Caleb makes helpful suggestions and gives out websites etc. for more information.  The only thing I would prefer would be using metric measurements as I'm Canadian and find it easier than imperial.  My new Thermomix also can be switched to imperial however metric makes more sense to me! Happy Cooking!

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