Monday, 18 May 2015

Thermomix Thai Red Curry Paste

Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines.  It is really quick, healthy and simple.  Vancouver is a great place to get authentic ingredients because of our high Asian population.  It can be vegetarian or you can add meat.  The flavours are fantastic either way. I think with this batch I made 7 or 8 dinners.  Very handy to have on hand. No preservatives or added toxins.
2 tsp coriander seeds
8 long red chilli's (i used the little Thai red chilli's)
4 cm cubed ginger
2 T ground paprika
8 garlic cloves
zest and juice of 4 limes
4 stalks lemongrass
100g grapeseed oil
Dry roast coriander seeds 2-3 minutes/Varoma/speed 1
All all ingredients except oil, chop 10 sec/speed 9 until paste consistency
With blades rotating on speed4 and MC in place, pour oil onto mixing bowl lid.
When oil is incorporated it's ready to use.
Store in fridge.

Dry roasting brings out flavour.


  1. Yummy! Now please find me a recipe for the yellow Thai curry paste - it is much less spicy and sooooo delicious too - love it in coconut milk for a soup! MMMM

  2. Sounds great Valerie! I'll see what I can do.