Sunday, 10 May 2015

Thermomix Healthy Scones

I have made many scones over the years and these are a recipe that really works.

Homemade butter
Homemade marmelade
Homemade scones

600 g flour
40g sugar
20g baking powder
10g baking soda
5 g salt
100g butter
300g buttermilk
2 eggs
Place four, sugar baking powder/soda, butter and mix 5 sec/speed 8 until crumbly
Add buttermilk eggs and Knead 2 mins/bread icon. Use spatula through lid to help combine.
Roll onto floured surface and shape into scone with cutter.
You can add shredded cheese, roll out and roll into cinnamon buns etc. Do this while the dough is still being kneaded. Flavour any way you would like. I only roll out the dough once and use the cutter to help shape them.  Therefore they aren't perfectly round. I believe reworking the dough makes them dry? It's one of my quirks.

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