Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thermomix Crackers (Knacke Brot)

No I do not only make carbs in my Thermomix. However lately I have had to take things to parties etc. so I have been using new recipes and posting them.  I also just received my new TM5 Thermomix machine and was quite apprehensive about it. I'm not really great with new technology however I have to say that the new butterfly whipping attachment definitely works better then the TM31 one.  With the TM31 you need to churn the cream longer than 3 minutes and with this one it's only 3 minutes.  I also made this healthy German cracker and before my health nut daughter eats them all I had to take a photo.  They do taste really great! It didn't cost much to make them and comparing them to designer crackers I have saved a lot of money.  Plus I know what went in to them.  Allergy people be aware!
130 g red fife grains (any grain will work)
130 g oatmeal
30 g sesame seeds
30 g flax seed
100g pumpkin or pepita's
20 g salt
30 g oil
400g water

Grind grains 30 sec/speed 10
Add flax  and oatmeal 10 sec/speed 10
All all other ingredients
Speed 4/Reverse/10 seconds
Spread onto 2 baking trays thinly and bake 20 minutes 350F until slightly brown
Remove and slice into sizes that you want and bake until golden brown. approx 20 minutes.

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