Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Thermomix Corned Beef

1 litre water
100 g brown sugar
1/2 cinnamon stick
65g pickling spice (make your own, I had some already)
65g kosher salt
Place all ingredients into mixing bowl.
Stir 3minutes /speed 1 until  sugar and salt are dissolved
Let cool and add to meat. (approx 750 g Beef Brisket)
squeeze out air and leave in ziplock bag 1-2 weeks in fridge.

Well I decided to cook the corned beef in the Varoma tray in the Thermomix.  Wash off brine and place meat into Varoma tray.  Into the bowl I added 1 onion, 2 leeks. Chop 10 sec/speed 8. Add drizzle of oil and saute 1 min/Varoma.(120C)
Add 1 large Beer (750 ml of your choice) and 100 ml water as well as 1 T veggie stock. When liquid comes up to Varoma(120C) , place corned beef on top and cook for 99minutes/Varoma/speed 2.  The sauce thickened by itself and tasted really great.  Slice corned Beef and serve with vegetables, (cooked in other layer of Varoma tray) and potatoes or whatever you like.
Meat in Varoma tray

Put lid on to develop steam.

 Cooked and serve with sauce.

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