Monday, 13 April 2015

Dark Chocolate Avocado Tea Truffles rolled in Pistachio's

This is another easy thing to do which doesn't require a lot of work but it really tastes great and you will save yourself a lot of money.  These truffles are really creamy and not so sweet.  If you want them sweeter add more coconut sugar.

2 T Black loose leaf tea
Blend 10 sec/speed 10
Add all ingredients except melted chocolate
3 small ripe avocados
zest of 2 lemons
15 g cocoa powder
30g coconut sugar
Blend 10 seconds/speed 5 scape down
Add melted dark chocolate 170g 70 percent cacao (you can use milk if you prefer or dairyfree)
Blend until combined and refrigerate until soft but workable.
Roll into balls or logs and coat with chopped pistachio's

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