Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thermomix Savoury Waffles

My husband and I were watching Masterchef Australia where they made some savoury waffles with hollandaise and a poached egg.  I thought that since the Thermomix makes easy Hollandaise, I would try making a waffle recipe in it as well.  They turned out lovely.  I have also poached eggs in the Thermomix but because I was using it non stop I decided to poach the eggs in a pot on the stove.  It all turned out quite nice and my husband was happy.

150g regular flour
150g whole wheat flour
pinch salt ,3 eggs separated
200g milk
130 g water
110 butter

Beat egg white with salt and put in another bowl. Speed 3 BUTTERFLY / 5 minutes
Add butter melt 70C / speed2 / 4minutes
Add flour, egg yolks, milk and water speed 4 /8 seconds
Add egg whites speed 2/10 seconds
Pour onto preheated waffle iron.

This was delicious! I served it with steamed beans, avocado, mushrooms and fried wild boar bacon.

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