Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Raw Chef Lasagna done in the Thermomix

I have given you the link to the Raw Chef which is where my fellow Thermomix consultant Dagmar got the recipe and she then did a demo for us.  I was blown away by the flavour and my daughter and I just made our own version. I love to substitute so instead of yellow peppers I used red. I had no parsley and used cilantro etc.etc. It still tasted delicious and my daughter who is quite the health nut loved it. We put the spinach on top instead of more zucchini. The flavour is very intense and it's hard to believe it doesn't contain any meat only nuts.  All the nuts were soaked in water for a few hours which causes them to germinate and release all their goodness. I don't know exactly how that works but it makes sense as all the new  healthy breads are made with sprouted grains etc.

Have fun with this as I'm sure there is no right or wrong way.  Also keep this for summer entertaining when it's too hot to cook indoors.  I think this would be perfect! It took the two of us 30 minutes to put together, slicing the zucchini but the nut mixtures and tomato sauce was made up ahead. I also made the nut cheese mixture today substituting red peppers for yellow. Mine looks different then Dagmar's.  It still tasted great and healthy! The raw chef has plenty of other delicious recipes so check him out!
1st layer

nut cheese

last spinach layer


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