Sunday, 15 February 2015

Pecan, Date Truffles with Maldon Salt

These truffles turned out even better than the peanut butter ones.  My daughter and husband said so. I seem to be on a roll where I have found quite a few raw nut power ball recipes , so stay tuned for more.

500g pecans  Turbo X3, set aside
150 pitted Medjool dates, ground 10 seconds speed 8
Combine dates and nuts and add up to 50-100 ml water, until it just sticks together
Roll into balls and freeze until firm
Melt 50g peanut butter and 25g coconut oil and mix
Pour over frozen balls
Melt chocolate at 70C for 4 minutes until smooth
I added  1Tsp. whipping cream to make it more runny
Coat balls and sprinkle with salt.



peanutbutter coating

Sticky mixture

Peanut coating

Finished truffle! Yum!!!!
500g pecans
150 pitted dates 50g peanut butter
25g coconut oil
chocolate for dipping

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