Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hazelnut, Chia and Hemp Seed Power Balls

This is another recipe that Dagmar did at the Raw cooking class.  I decided to try them at home for my health nut daughter and see what she thought about them.  She said they were fantastic.  I told her that next time she had to make them because they are so easy.  I have also made these with different nuts and omitted the coconut because of allergies.  As long as you get the consistency correct they will stick together.  They make a great healthy snack to take anywhere. You can also press them onto a cookie sheet and cut them into bars.

150g nuts. ( I used hazelnuts) I think they should be soaked first but I forgot.
1 T hemp hearts
1 T chia seeds
150g pitted dates
Chop 15 seconds/speed9
Add 35g cacao
45 g coconut
2 T Tahini
Blend 10 sec/speed6
Roll into balls and coat with seeds, I used coconut and hemp, chia seeds
Freeze and take out when you want to eat them!

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