Sunday, 8 February 2015

Arugula and Walnut Pesto

I noticed the organic arugula salad starting to go south in my fridge and instead of wasting it I decided to try making pesto with it.  I washed and went through it and threw out the bad leaves.  It's funny how quickly the pre-washed salads go rotten.  I also always still wash them as I believe they have been sprayed with something to preserve them. I can't remember where I got that information so I just do it. I also used this pesto in another lasagna as a layer.  It also tasted really great at my girlfriends house moping it up with Thermomix made foccacia bread.  I will post that recipe at a later date. Anyway this takes less then a minute to make this.

2 garlic cloves
50 g parmesan
Blend speed9/ 7 seconds and scrape down.
150 g walnuts
75g arugula
Blend speed6/ 7 seconds
Add 50-80g olive oil and blend speed 4 until desired consistency approx. 10 seconds.
Add pepper to taste.

Done and YUMMY!


  1. Well isn't this grand. My arugula is overflowing, I have walnuts I look for a Thermomix recipe and here you are. Monica, I thank you.

  2. Your very Welcome Heather. Enjoy!!!!