Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lime Curd in the Thermomix

I already gave you a recipe for lemon curd and here is a recipe for lime curd.  I always buy plenty of fresh lemons and limes and when they start turning colour instead of wasting them I juice them.  I then decided to make a curd and use it in desserts.  I love sour so this is my dessert of choice.  Also in the past you needed a double boiler to not scramble the eggs that you add etc.  In the Thermomix you just add everything and in 8 minutes your done!

270g lime juice
230 g butter
350g sugar
7 eggs (medium or 6 large)

Add butterfly, 80C/speed 1 /8 minutes

After 8 minutes it needs to coat the back of a spoon. That's called Nappe in french.

Serve as is with whipping cream, in tarts, profiteroles etc. Yummy and easy!!!!!!!


  1. Does this set fairly firm, I'm looking at following this recipe for a topping on a slime cake and want it to have drip effect setting down the sides?

    1. Yes it sets runny Kim. Thanks for the question.