Friday, 9 January 2015

Ancient Grain Bread in Thermomix

My husband was complaining that we didn't have any good bread in the house. So I decided to make some in 5 minutes so that he would stop complaining.  That is one of the reasons that I love baking with the Thermomix. ( I used to hate baking because of the exact measuring and all the clean up. measuring cups, bowl's etc.  Also the dough comes out of the bowl with no effort and clean up is really easy.  I really am lazy at heart but I love good quality food! ) I bought the ancient grains in summer land at a bakery that sells them.  Their bread is also great however between 5-10 dollars a loaf. It is also not convenient for me to just go grab a loaf as I live in Vancouver.  Grinding/Milling only the amount that you need also keeps your supplies from going rancid. Handy to have on hand.

100g Red Fife Ancient Grain
200g sifted Emmer flour
300g whole wheat flour
2 T salt
1 T sugar
1 T cider vinegar
30 g fresh yeast or 2 T dried
1 tsp each, caraway, fennel, coriander seeds
1 T pumpkin seeds
 Weigh red fife grain and mill 10 sec/ speed 10
Add all ingredients and knead 5mins/BREAD setting
Shape into dough and let rise 45 minutes.
Brush with water and sprinkle additional seeds on top.
Place in cold oven and bake 45 minutes/250C or 450F
Keep an eye on it as all ovens are different.
When bread is brown and when tapped sounds hollow it's ready.

See how easy it is to clean!!!!!

 dough with blade

Red fife, milled Emmer, whole wheat flour
and fresh yeast

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