Saturday, 6 December 2014

Cheese Profiteroles "Gougeres" Thermomix

90g Gruyere Cheese Can use Emmentahler, swiss any hard white cheese
90g Parmesan  same substitution as Gruyere, Total grated cheese 180g
250g water
100g butter
pinch salt (watch out if cheese is salty, don't add it)
200g flour
6 eggs
Grate cheese until crumbly 25 sec/speed 9, Remove and save for later
Add water, butter and salt? 4mins/100C/speed4
Add flour 2min/speed4
Slowly add eggs one at a time until mixed and nice consistency.
Fill into piping bag and bake 20mins at 350F

Made this for the first time at a Thermomix demonstration and then again for this blog.  Super fast and easy. You can also fill them with savoury creams etc.

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