Sunday, 2 November 2014

Yogurt and Yogurt Cheese balls Thermomix

The best part about making yogurt, cheese mascarpone in the Thermomix is the fact that you don't need to stand at the stove and stir the milk to keep it from burning or (my favourite) bubbling over.  It is really easy.  I got these rom Valerie's blog A Canadian Foodie.  It is attached to my blog list where she has lots of different recipes for cheese and other stuff. Check it out.

I paid 8 dollars for a 4 litre jug of organic milk and made yogurt, (yogurt cheese balls), and ricotta.  Just the Ricotta would cost over 8 dollars if I bought organic. I also know the ingredients used in my food.  What a novel idea!


2000g (2lites) whole organic milk
60 grams yogurt (natural no additives except yogurt culture)

Place milk in bowl and heat 80C/20 minutes/speed 2
Cool the milk until it reaches 37C.  Don't let it go below that!
Add yogurt and blend 5 seconds/speed 8
Pour into bowl and let sit at room temperature for 5 hour.

Yogurt Cheese

Take homemade yogurt and dump into Varoma tray covered with cheesecloth. Place in refrigerator.
Let drip and take out in morning.

You can keep them submerged in olive oil and take them out when you need them. They need to be flavoured with fresh herbs or a salt rub etc.  Whatever flavours you like.  Toast your spices first to bring out more flavour.  Also if they are too soft you can let your cheese sit in the cheese cloth for an extra day.  That way more of the whey comes out.  You can cook your vegetables in the whey to give them added flavour and nutrition.  I saw that on Masterchef Australia.  WOW. Check that out.

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