Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wild Salmon and Spinach Roll (gluten free) Thermomix

This  a little more work in regards that you make the spinach omelet and bake it for 10 mins. The salmon mousse is really easy too.  All of these recipes in my blog can be made without a Thermomix machine however you will have more to clean and will take you much longer. This takes under 1 minute to do in the Thermomix.
50 g parmesan
4 eggs
150g spinach
salt and pepper and nutmeg

Place parmesan in bowl and mill 5 secs/speed 9
Sprinkle on silpad lined baking sheet or parchment paper
Whip spinach eggs and spices 10 sec/speed8
(No I did not cook the spinach because I want to keep the vibrant green colour)
Pour onto baking tray and spread out evenly at 325-350 F 10 minutes or until golden edges.

200g salmon (wild is best) smoked, canned,lox, (your choice)
200g Boursin (cream cheese and add your own herbs )
Blend speed 8/4 seconds
Add a little milk if too thick.  Needs to be like peanut butter. (spreadable)

Cool spinach and spread with cream cheese mixture.
Roll up and wrap in saran wrap.
Refridgerate overnight until firm.
Slice and serve as a starter with a salad or an appetizer.
Looks fancy but sooo easy.

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