Sunday, 9 November 2014

Thermomix Paprika Feta Cream

This is a dip that can be used with fresh crudite (veggies).  It can be served on crackers, chips crostini etc.  Very versatile.  Super easy and delicious!
1 garlic clove. (I used the elephant garlic) or 2 regular
1/4 small red onion
Chop 5 seconds/speed 8 , scape down
Add 6 sprigs cilantro and I oven roasted red pepper out of jar or fresh
Turbo pulse X2
200g feta can be sheep (better for lactose intolerant) Check how salty it tastes before adding more salt
1 tsp anis liquor (licorice)
Add crumbled or cubed feta, salt and pepper and anise liquor (ouzo, pernod etc)
REVERSE5 sec/spped 4, scrape down and repeat.

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