Friday, 28 November 2014

Profiteroles or Choux Pastry in Thermomix

This is the recipe that totally sold me on this machine.  When I passed my red seal exam for cooking, this is something that I had been practicing.  My eclairs were ok looking but never perfect.  I had made them over and over again and never did I obtain the results that I got on my first try with the Thermomix.  I have made them many more times and they have always turned out just like they did today.  Almost perfect and for someone who doesn't like baking, I still am amazed at this.  I can make these sweet or savoury which is great to have around for the holidays. You just throw them in your freezer and take them out when you need them. This recipe is on page 131 in Everyday Cooking.

250 g water
pinch salt
100 g butter
150 g white flour
4  eggs

Line baking tray with silpad or parchment.
Put water, salt, butter into mixing bowl and cook 5 min/100C/speed2
Add flour and mix 30 sec/speed 4 until pastry comes away from side of bowl
Cool pastry for 25-30 minutes
Add eggs, 1 egg at a time through lid speed 5 until mixed
Put into piping bag and bake 15-20 minutes depending on the size you have made
Bake at 350F
When golden prick with a toothpick and let bake 10 more minutes
Let cool in oven with door open.

Fill with sweet or savoury.

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