Thursday, 20 November 2014

Meyer Lemon Basil GranitaThermomix

This is such an easy palette cleanser or a really light and refreshing dessert after a heavy meal or on a hot day. Making it in the Thermomix is dead fast and easy.  You can do it the traditional way by scraping the cookie sheet over and over.  I prefer Thermomix. (I'm too lazy to go to all the trouble doing it the traditional method.)

You can use all kinds of different fruit flavour's and herbs to switch this up.  The possibilities are endless. I used the whole lemon and made juice. This brings out the intense flavour of the lemons which  is in the skin.  This is why chefs always use citrus zest on top of food before serving to bring out flavour.

4-5 whole lemons
100g sugar
650g water
bunch basil
ziplock bag

Weigh sugar and mill 5 sec/speed 9
Add lemons and pulse 5XTurbo
Add water/REVERSE/30 seconds
Pour into bag with torn up basil and freeze flat.
Insert butterfly and mill frozen juice speed4/10-20 seconds.
Serve in hollowed out lemon cups.


Not too fine or it gets bitter.

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