Saturday, 1 November 2014

German Beer Steamed Pork Roast in Thermomix

My german friends who were also my first Thermomix customers told me that they watched a tube on   making pork roast in the Thermomix.  I originally thought how can that be?  CRAZY!!!! They told me they watched the tube and it looked really great.  I also watched the tube (in german) and thought at some point I would like to give it a try.  The roast is steamed using beer for 2 hours and then browned under the broiler in the oven for 30 minutes.  Pretty easy as well as the meat doesn't shrink.  When I cook roasts traditionally at my job (in an oven), I usually loose 5-10 portions due to shrinkage.  This doesn't happen when using the Thermomix.  You really keep most of the meat that you already paid for!  Another money saving feature of the Thermomix.

Cut lines into pork fat with sharp knife.


I added carrots for flavour.

Reduce steaming liquid for sauce.

Any starch or serve with potato dumplings.

You will need:
1 garlic clove
Chop 5 seconds/speed 8, scrape down
Add 30g oil and cook 4 min/100C/ speed 1
Add 500g water, soup stock (veggie, beef, or etc) Homemade 2 Tbl, or 1 cube
300g Beer, salt and pepper. Close lid.
1 pork roast with fat cap. Slice fat cap into squares. approx 750-1000g
1 Tbl. grainy dijon mustard
salt and pepper
Mix mustard salt and pepper and smear all over roast.
Place in Varoma (tray) steam for 1 hour/ Varoma/speed 1
After 1 hour, add remaining Beer and a little water 100g.
Cook Varoma/1hour/speed 1
Place roast under broiler and brown being careful not to burn fat cap.
Reduce sauce in Thermomix 8 minutes/100C/ speed 2
Check seasonings and finish sauce as you like.
(I didn't need to thicken mine but you can add a potato or some cornstarch.)
Yummy! I'm converted.

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