Saturday, 25 October 2014

What about Salads? Meeting an old friend at Tuc Craft kitchen.

I went to Tuc Craft Kitchen near gas town to meet an old friend of mine who I knew when I was a kid growing up in Ontario.  My parents owned a gas station near Lake Simcoe.  Along the lake a lot of the homes were cottages from wealthy Toronto residents who summered at Lake Simcoe.  We gave them gas, mail and my dad fixed their cars or boats.  It was a great spot.  My girlfriend was the child of a divorced couple whose dad owned a cottage.  She like me was the youngest of her siblings and had no one to play with.  This is where I came in.  Every summer I would go and stay at her cottage with her and her dad.  We had a blast getting into all kinds of things but for me it was a great memory.  (what little I can still remember.)  Anyway she is doing a north american tour in her motorhome and had time to visit with me.  It was great.

Getting back to Tuc Craft kitchens.  The server was super friendly and I ordered the most popular item which was beef brisket and pork crackling sandwich served with smashed french fries.  I changed the fries to a salad and was a little disappointed. I just came back from Germany where the salads are quite spectacular.  These are side salads not main courses.  Here it only seems that you get a half decent salad when it comes as a main.  Also everyone uses the same salad greens that come out of a box or bag.  It's the same boring mix that you get for home. I hate ordering salad because I feel that I can make a better one at home for less money. I also bought some seeds of valerianella locusta which is corn salad. (dark green spinach like leaves)  It is super healthy and grows in cold weather.  Hopefully my seeds will work.

Her are a few photos of salads on my recent trip.  Can you tell a difference?

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