Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Thermomix Butter

My friend Sandra had trouble making this and I tried the recipe and the timing in the book is off. Here is how I did it.

600g whipping cream
500 g water (iced)

Insert butterfly and add cream. whip 1-6 minutes/speed 4

3 minutes


5 minutes

6 minutes

250 ml Buttermilk

Using the TM basket, strain liquids from solids and remove butterfly. Using buttermilk later. I got 250 ml of buttermilk.

Place ice water and butter and mix 10 seconds/ speed 4.
Strain and add herbs or put into container.  I got 280 g of fresh butter. Which cost 1.97 plus buttermilk for free.
No preservatives or salt!  Tastes Great!!!!

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