Sunday, 31 August 2014

Thermomix Gluten Free Almond Cake

This is gluten free recipe is from Thermomix My way of cooking, 5th edition cookbook.
It is called Almond Cake from Santiago on page 254.
It has 4 ingredient's and is super simple to make.

250 grams Almonds ground. (It says to peel them but I didn't)speed5/15 seconds
250 gram sugar
lemon peel chopped
4 eggs
Mill sugar 15 sec/speed 10

Mill almonds/15 sec/speed 5
Add lemon peel and chop 15 sec/speed 10
Add eggs 2min/speed 4
Add almonds mix 5 sec/ speed 3
Bake at 350 for 35 minutes until golden.

If you want to have this cake  lighter, separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until fluffy. Do everything the same and fold in the egg whites at the end.  Also line the bottom of the pan with baking paper to have the cake come off the bottom easily.

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