Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Useful Thermomix Resources

Thermomix Videos - useful to subscribe to the Thermomix Youtube channel.
Janie Turner (UK Distributor) introduces the Thermomix - worth watching all the other videos done by JanieTurner - recipes are simple to follow and delicious - very clearly explained without much fanfare.
Check out Janie Turner's Quick Tips videos
Thermomix In The Professional Kitchen
-Fantan's own intro
Thermomix in your personal kitchen - part 1 - Fantan's own intro - Tina Kiing does a 'model' home demo that we used to do (before our new party plan style demo).
Thermomix Technology – Factory
- a view into the factory in France
History Of Thermomix
- want to see how Thermomix has changed over the years?
Thermomix – Better Than 12 Appliances
- cool video of how 12 appliances morph into one thermomix
Save Your Time With Thermomix
- my favourite video called 'If you could stop time'
- how Thermomix fits your lifestyle these days
​​Also, subscribe to youtubes done by ThermomixAustralia - watch George Colombaris - he's so passionate and animated! fun!

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