Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Thermomix juicing (lemonaide)

When extracting juice for lemonade you need 1 lemon, 1lime and 1 orange.  Blend it for 5-10 seconds with 60 grams of sugar on speed 8. Add 650 grams of water and stir in reverse for 30 seconds. Ready!

This was a topic of discussion at a recent demonstration on how people need to be careful when juicing  upwards of 3 citrus fruits to extract juice. (Too many calories and not good for diabetics because of the sugar) With the thermomix you are using the whole fruit which has the oils in the skin thus flavouring the juice as well. You end up with a superior flavour and good for you.  Also you are using the whole fruit which means you don not need to buy as many.  You save money as well.

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